Caring for a family member or friend?

Caring for a family member or friend?

We’re here to assist unpaid carers with professional guidance, advice, and support.

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Who is Carers TAS?

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How can we help?

Carers Tasmania listens to and values the voice of carers across the state. We use these experiences and ideas to inform our advocacy, which aims to influence positive change for carers. Learn more in the ‘about us’ and ‘resources’ sections.

Carers Tasmania can also provide assistance through our service delivery arm of Care2Serve who deliver services in Tasmania under the Carer Gateway Service.

Who is a carer?

carer means a person who provides unpaid care and support to a family member, or friend, who –

  • has disability; or
  • has mental ill health; or
  • has a chronic or life-limiting condition; or
  • has alcohol or other drug dependence; or
  • is frail or aged; or
  • is a child, if the person is an informal kinship carer of the child;

About Carers Tasmania

Carers Tasmania is the Peak Body representing and advocating for the more than 80,000 unpaid informal, family, and friend carers in Tasmania. We are proud members of both the National Carer Network and Carers Australia.

Our core mission revolves around championing equal rights and opportunities while providing tailor-made support services to caring families based on their specific needs. Our unwavering dedication lies in striving to make life better for all.

Anyone can be a Carer

Our commitment to inclusion

We acknowledge, value and respect people of all cultures, sexualities, beliefs, abilities, genders, and ages, and support their rights of access, equity and participation.

We understand that carers in Tasmania, whilst sharing the common theme of caring for a family member or friend, have diverse lived and living experiences, and we fundamentally believe that carers are the experts in their own lives.

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