Carers Respite

Time for yourself or help in an emergency

It’s okay to admit you need a break from the challenging role of being a carer. We can help you to explore options and plan flexible respite that best meets both your needs and the needs of the person you are caring for.

If you become unwell, admitted to hospital, exhausted or need to restore your health emergency respite options are available.

To discuss what options are relevant to you, and available in your area, contact Care2Serve’s respite booking service on:

  • 1800 422 737 (Press 1 at the menu)

Emergency respite is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

What is carers respite?

Respite is taking a break from your caring role for a limited period of time. This might be a planned event or could be in an emergency, such as if you become unwell, are in hospital or exhausted and need immediate support.

No two situations are the same. What one carer needs may be entirely different to a different carer. Just keep in mind that respite is an important part of you staying on top of things and being able to continue caring for your loved one.

Ask us about helping you access respite across Tasmania.

In home

A support worker looks after the person you care for in your home for a few hours so that you can go out during the day, to maybe have lunch, or do the grocery shopping. This could also involve taking the person you care for on an outing. Emergency respite is also available in the family home and can be undertaken during the day and/or overnight.

Facility or residential

If you need help over a number of days or weeks your family member could stay in a care facility, such as an aged care home or supported accommodation. This could be planned respite, or emergency based.


The person you care for joins a day program at an adult day centre, neighbourhood house or community health centre. This gives them a social experience to encourage a sense of independence and social interaction as well as providing you with a break.

Alternative family care

Your family and friends may be able to help with your caring responsibilities while you take a break. In some areas there may be organisations who can also arrange for a trained volunteer carer or family member to provide regular care, activities and friendship for the person for whom you provide care.

Organising respite

Respite is important, but  some options won’t be available where you live and some may involve a cost or contribution.

We will help you work through options for flexible or planned respite or emergency respite that fits your circumstance.

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Contact us to discuss options

If you are not sure what respite you can access or which respite you need, let us help. Our friendly team will listen and answer all your questions. Many of our team are or have been carers themselves, so they understand you’ll have many questions and perhaps not have the right words to use. That’s ok, they’ve been there and you’ll find them very approachable.

We are your one-stop-shop. If you want advice, information, support, education, training or respite, we can provide the services or link you with the organisation that will provide it.

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How can we help?

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