Carers Tasmania is the peak body for carers in Tasmania

Carers Tasmania’s vision is for an Australia that values and supports carers and families.

Our purpose is to work to improve the health, well being, resilience and financial security of carers and families and to ensure that caring is a shared responsibility of family, community and the government.

We are the voice of carers, so that their contribution to the Tasmanian community and economy is recognised.

Carers Tasmania encourages partnership with government and the health and community sectors to enhance service provision and improve the conditions for family carers through policy development, research and advocacy. Our values drive everything we think, say, and do.

  • 1

    Carers first — we listen to what carers need, commit to their desired action plan, and deliver results that matter most to carers

  • 2

    Care in all we do — we care for our work, about each other, about Tasmania’s family and friend carers, and the bigger world we all share.

  • 3

    Integrity always — we are transparent, act ethically, own when things don’t go to plan and do what we say we will

  • 4

    Quality every time — we don’t accept ‘good enough’ because carers deserve our very best every time

  • 5

    Speed that matters — we are agile and don’t put off what can be done today These values represent how we engage with and serve carers, how we work with each other, and our commitment to the broader community.