Carers Tasmania is the peak body for carers in Tasmania

Looking back at what started in 1988 as an idea, then in 1989 became a grassroots movement of carers and service providers, we now see an organisation that has grown and evolved to become an organisation servicing both metropolitan and rural Tasmania.


Association’s application for funding approved. First Carers Awareness Week.


Carers attend conference in Brisbane and become inspired to start a carers association in Hobart.


First committee meeting held in early 1993 in Campbell Town


Carer Advisory and Counselling Service established by bringing together the Carer Resource Centre and National Carer Counselling Service.


Young Carer Recognition Award Ceremony at Government House hosted by our patron the Governor of Tasmania Peter Underwood

Sponsorship of the inaugural Carers Tasmania Carer Achievement Award as part of the Australian Community Achievement Awards.


Sponsored the successful Carers Tasmania Carer Achievement Award 2014.


30 year anniversary