Diverse language or cultural needs

Diverse cultural or language needs:

Do you need a translator?


  • 131 450 (operates 24/7)

You can access translated Carer Gateway information here:
 You can access translated aged care information here:

The Migrant Resource Centre and the Multicultural Council of Tasmania are both helpful organisations.

The Migrant Resource Centre:

Multicultural Council of Tasmania

If you would like Carers Tasmania to help advocate for your needs, you can safely share your story here:

Get advice

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are on hand to help you work through the emotions and challenges carers face every day.

Carer Support

Our local support programs connect you with local staff, other carers, groups, events and activities.


It’s okay to need a break from the demanding role of being a carer. We can help you to explore options and plan flexible respite.


Talking to a counsellor can help you explore ways to deal with complex situations, and to balance caring with the rest of your life.

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