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On October 12 2020 – 3:32 PM Mirage news issued a article on Celebrating Tasmania’s Unpaid Carers.

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Disability Services and Community Development

Through this year’s National Carers Week theme, Tell us why you care, unpaid carers are encouraged to share their story and experiences with their family, friends and communities.

A number of events will be hosted by Carers Tasmania across the State during the week, and it was great to join Carers Tasmania this morning with a roundtable for young carers to hear their insights and experiences.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government’s Carer Policy raises awareness of the important and critical role of the over 84,000 informal carers in Tasmania, of which 28,300 are primary carers and include ageing parents caring for adult children, children caring for parents and grandparents, who for a variety of reasons, are now primary carers of grandchildren.

The associated Carer Action Plan 2017-2020 includes 22 actions to increase the recognition of these carers, improve the level of support and services they receive, and involve them in developing and evaluating policies, programs and services that affect them in their caring role.

Our Action Plan is in the process of being reviewed, including broad consultation with relevant stakeholders regarding what additional supports might be needed post-2020.

We also acknowledge the important role Carers Tasmania has in advocating for and supporting unpaid carers, which is why Carers Tasmania is receiving peak body funding of $112,475 per annum in 2019-20, with indexation of 2.25 per cent applying each year.

It was great to see Carers Tasmania’s successful bid for part of the Australian Government’s $85.6 million funding for the introduction of new early intervention services for carers.

I would like to thank and commend Tasmania’s hard working and dedicated carers, the staff and volunteers of Carers Tasmania and Mental Health Carers Tasmania who work hard to improve the lives of Tasmanians.

The Carers Week Program is available the Carers Tasmania website.